Case Study: Sun Valley Industrial Park

June 19, 2023

Jessica Byrd, Prime Metal Buildings & Components


The Construction Group partnered with Prime Metal Buildings & Components to design and develop a modern industrial park in Fort Worth, Texas for Empire Holdings, a commercial real estate development company. This project sought to create what Empire Holdings could never find in the industrial real-estate market – design, flexibility, and innovation. Prime’s 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing customizable metal buildings combined with The Construction Group’s specialty in the construction of high-end ground-up industrial buildings and large-scale tenant improvements made this the perfect team for the job.


“Throughout my career, I became increasingly frustrated with what I could find – and not find – in the way of industrial space on the market. They all lacked the design, flexibility, technology, and infrastructure I needed to unleash the full potential of my businesses,” said McGlothlin, founder and CEO of Empire Holdings. “Our mission is to change the way industrial spaces are built – with a user-focused design that takes our clients’ facility needs and turns them into a strategic business advantage.”

The challenge in this project for both Prime and The Construction Group was to incorporate a sleek, sustainable building with modern curb appeal, with the functionality and clear span features that traditional metal buildings possess. These buildings needed to additionally be able to suit each tenant’s company needs, instead of working against them like most spec-type buildings in today’s market. With the hopes of this project being to attract Fortune 500 tenants to Sun Valley Industrial Park, it was crucial that these spaces be built with the utmost thought and attention to detail. 


 Both The Construction Group and Prime agree that customer satisfaction is always the main priority. Communication was/is key, this is especially true in projects such as these where multiple parties are involved. Prime uses an interactive design approach and worked directly with The Construction Group to guarantee that these buildings are exactly what Empire’s tenants will need for years to come. Maintaining key lines of communication throughout the entire project allows creative design objectives to be reached, key production and delivery dates to be met, and minimizes common bottlenecks that can slow down the construction process. 

Custom Solution

Over the past 4 years, Prime has manufactured 11 (and counting) industrial commercial buildings for The Construction Group and Empire Holdings’ Sun Valley project. These buildings are truly the best of both worlds featuring oversized roll-up doors to make everyday functions easier for tenants, and a clear span (column-free) warehouse/shop to optimize the tenants’ space usage. They also include sleek and modern office spaces, including showrooms for business meetings and a sustainable low-maintenance landscape and building design. Today, they are occupied by local, national, and even global companies. The intricate design has allowed a large variety of company niches ranging from- but not limited to solar panel lighting, construction/equipment, water treatment systems, windows, and even thermal imaging. In 2023, Empire Holdings was named the most in-demand industrial property in Fort Worth by LoopNet

“The pictures speak for themselves.  These are aesthetically pleasing Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, not what most people think of when you say “metal building”!” – Jeff Shelton (Prime Pre-Engineered Metal Building Sales)