National Hangar Shortage

October 5, 2022

By Kaitlyn Timmons, Prime Metal Buildings & Components

In 2021, the AOPA Airport Support Network conducted a survey regarding the high demand and short supply of aircraft hangars. The results of the survey showed that 71 percent of airports surveyed have a waiting list for their hangars.  

Many private aircraft owners have experienced the challenge of finding hangar space. For many years, there has been what some would consider a national shortage of airplane hangars. 

One reason for the shortage of hangars is the respective shortage of suitable airport land for construction. Complex airport building restrictions combined with environmental regulations on airport land, only add to the difficulty of constructing new hangar space.    

Additionally, many public airports are subsidized which helps keep the cost of hangar rental low.  Privately owned hangars have found it difficult to compete with the cost of subsidized hangar space. If an airport developer were to construct new hangar space today, they would need to double or even triple the price which tenants are used to paying for subsidized space.  

Since hangars are relatively large spaces with low rental fees, airports found many hangar spaces were rented to store non-aeronautical items, causing a shortage for aircraft owners.  While the FAA has issued a Policy on the Non-Aeronautical Use of Airport Hangars which restricts the use of hangar space for non-aeronautical storage, this policy applies only to airport operators that have accepted federal grants and the policy is generally difficult to police.    

In response to the lingering hangar shortage problem, many aviation enthusiasts have turned to building their own private hangars. Hangar-homes have become a popular fix to the shortage of commercial hangars and the aviation real estate industry has seen the rise of many hangar-home type communities. If you are unable to find a hangar to rent or buy, building your own may just be your best investment.  

Prime understands the importance of protecting your investment as an aircraft owner. Our design experts are knowledgeable in designing custom hangars to fit your specific needs. Our pre-engineered steel framing systems allow for clear spans that can reach over 250’ wide. 

Prime will design and fabricate an innovative hangar building that will keep your aircraft protected from outside elements. Our experienced design experts understand the unique requirements of all types of aircraft hangars from single aircraft to t-hangars or hangar homes. Multiple door systems, residential areas, as well as mezzanines, office space, galleries, and maintenance areas can all easily be incorporated into your custom design.  

If you need a durable, functional, and eye-catching hangar, you need Prime.