PBR & R Panels

  • DESCRIPTION: Prime’s PBR & R panels provide 36” coverage and are a durable, cost-efficient roofing and/or wall systems. The purlin bearing leg, which is the only difference between the PBR & R panel, is designed to provide a more consistent panel alignment and fastener engagement. Available in our standard 26 gauge, the PBR & R panels are low-maintenance, impact-resistant, and offered in a variety of color options, making them an excellent choice for your next project.
  • APPLICATION: Roofs, Walls, Fascias, Soffits
  • RIB SPACING: 12” centers
  • RIB HEIGHT: 1 ¼”
  • GAUGES: 26 (standard)
  • LENGTH: Custom cut to order
  • RATINGS: Impact Resistant – UL Class 4 Rating (UL Confirmation Letter), Fire Resistant – UL Class C Rating (UL Confirmation Letter)
  • WARRANTIES: 40 Year Sherwin Williams Coil Coatings Warranty on Painted Panels, 25 Year Warranty on Acrylic Coated Galvalume

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