Residential Metal Home Building Systems

September 8, 2023 Jessica Byrd, Prime Metal Buildings Over the last decade, metal buildings have become one of the fastest-growing housing trends in the nation. The strength, sustainability, and endless possibilities for customization of metal buildings make them a great option for many homeowners.  There are multiple types of metal building systems that can be […]

We Can Do It: Girl Scout’s Erect Bus Stop for Fellow SISD Students

September 6, 2023 Jessica Byrd, Prime Metal Buildings When you think of Rosie the Riveter, you probably picture the iconic illustration from the WWII era that depicts the strong, valiant female worker flexing her muscles with the words “We Can Do It” stated boldly across the top. These Rosies were courageous, breaking down barriers and […]

Designing Dairy Buildings to Specific Climates

August 2, 2023 Jessica Byrd, Prime Metal Buildings & Components Dairymen understand that weather is one factor they have little control over. From droughts and floods to snow and extreme heat, the climate of a farm can make or break the operation. Cow comfort is the common goal in the dairy industry. Afterall, comfortable cows […]

Dumas Branch Manager Celebrates 15 Years

April 7, 2023 Kaitlyn Brown, Prime Metal Buildings & Components Think back to 2008. The second ever iPhone is released, Barack Obama wins the presidential election, and the first Iron Man movie made its debut. There are a slew of other memorable events that happened 15 years ago, but here at Prime, there is one […]

Benefits of Metal Roofing

March 1, 2023 Kaitlyn Brown, Prime Metal Buildings & Components Metal roofing has become the number one choice for residential and commercial roofing. Metal roofs offer a multitude of benefits including durability, longevity, energy savings, safety, and more.   The lifespan of a metal roof is one of the most recognized benefits of metal roofing. When […]

Employee Welfare Matters: Benefits Built for You

February 16, 2023 By Kaitlyn Brown, Prime Metal Buildings & Components Prime puts in great effort to offer benefit packages that are built in the interest of our employees. Why does Prime devote hours of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars towards employee benefits? The answer is simple. The welfare of our employees matters. […]

ECLA Hosts Record Breaking Livestock Show in New Prime Building

January 13, 2023 By Kaitlyn Brown, Prime Metal Buildings & Components The 2023 Erath County Junior Livestock Show hosted a record-high number of participants and their projects on Monday, January 2, through Saturday, January 7.   Prime Metal Buildings & Components donated a portion of a new building that included a 38,950 square foot arena, sale platform, […]

Choosing the Right Sheet Metal for Your Metal Building

November 7, 2022 By Kaitlyn Timmons, Prime Metal Buildings & Components When it’s time to think about sheet metal for the walls and/or roof of your metal building, you are most likely focused on color and pricing. While it is true that you can get a higher gauged sheet metal for a cheaper price, you […]

National Hangar Shortage

October 5, 2022 By Kaitlyn Timmons, Prime Metal Buildings & Components In 2021, the AOPA Airport Support Network conducted a survey regarding the high demand and short supply of aircraft hangars. The results of the survey showed that 71 percent of airports surveyed have a waiting list for their hangars.   Many private aircraft owners have […]

New Age Dairy Technology Demands New Age Dairy Designs

September 14, 2022 By Kaitlyn Timmons, Prime Metal Buildings & Components As technology continues to advance in the dairy industry, dairy farmers are tasked with the challenge of incorporating current and future technologies into facility designs. The dairy design experts at Prime understand that building designs and layouts must evolve with the industry to ensure […]